Nutrition for babies under 1 year old: 9 taboo dishes


6-month-old infant is able to start practicing solid foods and explore diverse food world than breast milk or formula. When updating nutrition menu for the baby, the mother should avoid 9 dishes to make them grow healthy and most comprehensive.

1. Salt

When processing the infant nutrition snack collection, such as flour or porridge, mothers absolutely should not add spice, sugar or salt. The kidneys of infants do not adapt much salt intake from food, which is very vulnerable to overloaded activity.

Some foods that contain high levels of salt such as cheese, sausages, grilled meats should also beyond the list of foods intended for infants under 1 year old. When buying food for babies, mothers remember to check the ingredients on the packaging whether they contain salt or not!

2. Shellfish

Most nutrition experts recommend that children over 1 year old can eat all kinds of shellfish, such as shrimp, crab, clams, snails, mussels, … They are foods that easily cause allergies, especially with children under 1 year of age, the baby’s digestive system is too immature.

If there is a family who are allergic to seafood, mothers should be careful and consult a doctor before you intend to take shellfish in infant nutrition menu.

3. The soft cheeses

Babies under 1 year old can eat cheese, but should stay away from soft and wet type. The risk of listeria infection from eating cheese is very high. The source of Calcium supplying of healthy for infants from breast milk and formula milk is still the best. If necessary, the mother can feed your baby with hard cheese or cream cheese for added calcium to children.

3. Animal hepatic pate

Bread becomes more delicious to babies when adding little hepatic pate, but mothers should be careful not to harmful to children. Listeria bacteria may be hiding in these foods, and very easy to make baby poisoning. Too high content of vitamin A in the hepatic pate is obviously not good for the baby’s development.

4. Milk

In addition to breast milk and formula, many mothers still let the child drink more cow milk to help children gain weight and grow. With a baby under 1 year old, should not do that. Too abundant protein levels in cow milk will increase the risk of allergies in children, and can cause the child to bloating, indigestion and more trouble on other digestive system.

5. Sugar

Sugar and all foods containing sugar are not good for the baby’s mouth than 1 year old. Do not come to the new teeth of children caused harm by papillary cavities. Ideally they should be loaded natural sugar from fruit and vegetables instead of sweets such as cookies, candy or ice cream.

6. Honey

No hurry to mention honey used in food or drink processing, many mothers still have the habit of taking honey on your baby tongue. This is absolutely not. The experts recommend that honey should not be used in children under age 1 although in any given situation, even if the child has a cough.

Honey can contain bacteria harmful to the baby bowel, leading to infant botulism.

7. Nuts

The nuts contain many nutrients, but it is not suitable for children who are under 5 years old, not just 1 year old. When the child eat nuts, choking situation will probably occur, causing airway obstruction and serious consequences. Moreover, the cases of children with peanut allergies are common, mothers should be careful.

8. Fish containing mercury

The large fish like shark, swordfish, tuna, mackerel large, contain high levels of mercury, which can affect the brain development of children through ingestion. Therefore, mothers should avoid infant exposing these fishes.

Nutrition for babies under 1 year old: 9 taboo dishes

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